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Hello! My name is Ren. I am a queer, Jewish, feminist artist inspired by the power of ritual, storytelling, and the natural world.

My art is an exploration of the profound connections we share with the world around us, transcending time and space, woven delicately into the fabric of everyday objects. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the complexities of human relationships, my ceramics are a celebration of both individuality and unity.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University ('23) in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies, which has informed my artistic viewpoint immensely. I seek to align my work within the long lineage of feminist art that continuously interrogates normative structures and imagines alternative ways of being.

I currently reside and produce my work in Durham, North Carolina, the rightful land of the Eno, Tutelo, Saponi, Occaneechi, and Shakori Native people. These communities continue to live and thrive in this beautiful region, and I aim to support their efforts of paying respect to their elders, honoring their ancestral lands, and amplifying their voices in the fight against erasure and colonial violence.

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